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Message From Floormaster About Corona Virus

Caring, supporting & protecting you during the Corona outbreak. Contact us anytime:

How We’re Keeping You Safe During Coronavirus

To Protect You We Are Temporarily Closed

During this uncertain time surrounding Coronavirus, we wanted to reach out to you with a heart-felt reassurance that we are thinking of you. That’s why, for now, the showroom is temporarily closed following Government Guidelines.

Also, the mobile showroom will be unable to complete home visits and we’ve asked our fitters to stay home and keep safe.

Rest assured, once we reopen we will continue to implement rigorous adjustments for your safety. For instance, we will maintain the increased frequency and depth of cleansing in our showroom, mobile vehicles, samples and equipment. And our showroom and fitting staff will continue to demonstrate extra hygiene measures.

So, until Government Guidelines advise otherwise, we are keeping everyone safe, isolated at home.

Reactive & Still Here For You

Should any of you wonderful customers have an appointment, measure or fit scheduled during this unpredictable period, please get in touch. As I’m sure you understand, to protect you and our team your appointment will need to be postponed.

However, being unsure of how long this pandemic will affect us, please bear with us. Once the Government announces that our region is safe, we will be in touch.

Right now, we need to look after each other. So, to give you the gift of safety we cannot be here for you face-to-face. However, we are always here for you by phone, email or message. Contact Ian at any time with your questions:

Now is not a time for panic but instead a time for caring, sharing and supporting one another.

Measures If We Come To You

Once Government directives permit, should our mobile showroom team or fitting team come to your home, please do not be offended. As following expert advice, we will continue to minimise personal contact, which may include shaking your hand. Plus, we will be keeping a safe personal distance. Furthermore, as a precautionary measure, we may show you the samples directly from our van, or beside our van, to protect you and our staff from entering your home.

Unfortunately, we may need to ask that you resist handling our samples, to reducing the spread of any contamination. Although should touching the fabrics be necessary, our staff will continue to carry cleaning products to sterilise materials, samples and equipment for yours and their protection. And, in addition, our team will continue to carry hand sanitiser.

Finally, if you would like us to take any specific preventative measures while we are with you, please do let us know. We are happy to oblige in any way that we can so that you continue to feel safe in your own home. Perhaps drop us an email in advance, to let us know your choices or concerns:

Actions Against The Coronavirus (COVID-19)

With the current crisis in mind, we are all responsible for taking a balanced approach to minimise the spread of infection. So our recommendations are:

  • Staff and customers are extra diligent in regular handwashing and sanitising.
  • Avoid shaking hands and even wear gloves where possible.
  • Keep a safe distance and avoid non-essential personal contact.
  • Face masks can be worn. But make sure coughs and sneezes are caught in tissues and binned.
  • Carefully follow guidance and practices from the NHS and Government Guidelines.
  • Asking that if you, or anyone you have been in contact with, shows even the slightest symptoms or is at risk that you let us know and self-isolate. That includes anyone who has travelled to an affected area. Please be mindful that we have your health in mind, so please consider our staff and other customers too.

Our Staff

We have an amazing team, who we deeply care for. We are taking every step to ensure that they stay well and healthy. Fortunately, none of our exceptional team has been affected, yet.

We’d like to reassure you that any members of staff will continue to self-isolate after the Stay At Home guidance if they show even the slightest of symptoms.

While the next few months are uncertain, let’s work as a community. Together, we will get through this.

Mobile Showroom

For as long as we can, we will come to you

When This Is Over, We Will Be Ready

Finally, looking at what happened in other countries, perhaps the UK could be on lock-down for a while. This is why we will be doing our absolute utmost to be ready and available to you when this ends.

I would like to highlight that if you need us at any time, please continue to stay in touch – or 07831 454549

Until then, we will continue to adapt to the situation and wish you the very best. Thank you for being such a lovely and loyal customer.

Look after yourselves and your families and see you on the other side.

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